Is fermented food healthy food?

It seems to make sense to me that fermented food will be good for me.

But what do I base that assumption on?

Mostly just general reading about it on the internet.

What, in particular, persuaded me?

A number of factors:

  • There are traditions of using fermented foods in many cultures that date back many years but we are losing those foods in modern diets.
  • Fermented food contains so-called good micro-bacteria. We are only just learning about the micro-bacteria in our gut and the effect that it has on our health.
  • Apparently the food is made easier to digest by fermentation, and the vitamins and minerals are made easier to absorb.

It seems to me that we have evolved with bacteria, in parallel with it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a stronger relationship between our health and the ‘good’ bacteria we have in our bodies than we realise.

Jars of Kimchi

Jars of Kimchi

Who should you believe?

There are a lot of people out there promoting fermented food as a healthy option. I am half convinced, but I am also a sceptic. The trouble is you get the good and the bad on the internet and it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. Especially when it comes to food and health products. Money is a powerful motivating factor, and it sometimes motivates people more than honesty. People will make the most outrageous claims about health benefits of a product if they can make money from it. And others will style themselves as experts when really they are not.

So I try to take a lot of what I read with a pinch of salt.

So this blog is going to contain my research and experiments with fermented food so I can come to my own conclusions.