The first step for learning about fermentation is to get some of the equipment that I need.

I already had jars of various sizes.

So I wanted to order some air locks to go with them.

The video shows what I got with my “Sterilock” air locks package.

What was included was three plastic lids and and three air locks.

I ordered them through Amazon. Just search for “sterilock airlocks”. The last time I looked they were £13.99 + £2.80 post and package = £16.79.

They fitted my smaller necked Kilner jars (from 250 ml to 1 litre). The lid outer diameter is 7.5 cm the jar neck’s outer diameter is just under 7cm.


These lids and airlocks have been really useful. I use them a lot. It saves having to burp your jars if you have regular lids; and, when the fermenting is done, because of their low profile compared to water airlocks, they go into the fridge really easily without catching on the shelf above.