Kimchi hotdog ingredients

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How to make kimchi hotdogs.

  1. Get some kimchi, home made is best.

    If you don't already know how to make it, go to How to make kimchi

    It's really easy to make, and there's a video on that page that shows you how to make it in 3 minutes 50 secs
  2. My kimchi is quite chunky so I chop it up a bit to make it more manageble on the hotdogs.
  3. Next get some sausages and cook them. You'll find the insturctions on the jar. With hotdog sausages this will probably mean heating them for 5 minutes in hot water.
  4. Then get some appropriatels shaped bread. I used some really nice mini baguettes (from the local supermarket, sourdough next time!) Cut the bread in half but don't cut all the< way through because they need a sort of hinge to keep everything in place.
  5. Add your kimchi generously.
  6. And then eat them, maybe with some nice salad, these were spicy delicious.


Quick, delicious, tasty.

OK, so the sausages aren’t the healthiest sort of food. I usually try not to eat processed meat, but once in a while I’ll lower my standards.

But the kimchi is healthy, and tasty (and so was the salad).

Kimchi Hotdog