I recently purchased a Perfect Pickler Fermentation Kit, which I described in a previous unboxing post.

But after using it once I discovered some corrosion in the “overflow cup”.

The overflow cup is a small cup you put in the top of your fermentation jar. It’s purpose is to press the vegetables down to keep them under the water to keep the process anaerobic; and secondly, to allow some room for expansion by collecting liquid if the ferment expands.

perfect pickler overflow cup corrosion

perfect pickler overflow cup corrosion

But I was initially dubious about using metal in the fermentation vessel as I was vaguely aware of having read that this wasn’t a good idea. But I went ahead anyway, surely they wouldn’t sell it if there was a problem?

When the fermentation was done I wasn’t sure about the taste and was a bit nervous eating it, mostly because I am very new to fermentation so I ended up throwing away.

Subsequently looking at the overflow cup I noticed some corrosion and a hole in the cup. I could only assume that this had been caused by the acidity of the fermentation. Unless it was already there and I hadn’t noticed it, but I don’t think so as I looked at it quite closely when I unbagged it.

It makes me wonder if I was put off the taste by the metal content!