Fermenting Food: Tasty and Healthy Recipes (Me Learning!)

what you will need to make fermented pickled red cabbage

How to make fermented pickled red cabbage

I've always loved pickled red cabbage but the stuff you buy in the supermarkets is just red cabbage in vineger. I wanted to make it the (probably) traditional way. By fermenting it, just like sauerkraut, except using red cabbage.
Slices of sourdough bread

My sourdough epiphany

I had a sourdough epiphany! I discovered what real bread is while making my third loaf of sourdough bread. It was delicious, it was food.
My first home made sourdough using wild starter

Sourdough bread made with a home made starter

Sourdough bread, I've made the starter now what do I do? In this post I describe the process of making my first sourdough loaf and what it tasted like.
Finally the sourdough is bubbling and looking like it is fermenting

Sourdough starter: the traditional method

My first attempt at making a sourdough starter from scratch using just flour and water and naturally occurring yeast and bacteria.
Kimchi starting to ferment

Kimchi: my first attempt at making it

Kimchi is a traditional fermented dish from Korea. This is my take on kimchi using ingredients that are easily available in the UK.
Sourdough in a breadmaker

Sourdough: my first attempt at making it (using the Panasonic SD 2511 bread machine)

My first attempt at making sourdough with a panasonic breadmaker. The resulting loaf was tasty, but was it really sourdough?